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Want to contribute?

Support is greatly appreciated! This can be done in certain ways.

Bring in content

Have an idea for The Base? If you think you have an interesting project, stream, or idea that you'd like to spread with the rest of the community, please feel free to contact us, and we might put it on the air! Don't be afraid, we typically allow any type of show / content to be hosted on The Base, in whichever format that may be. Whatever you think the Star Citizen community will appreciate is good! 

Below a few random examples:

Music show.
Typical radio show focused around your style of music. Talk a bit, play music, have fun!

Talk show
A talk show about any specific subject, optionally with co-hosts. Talk a lot, play some music

Interactive shows
This can be anything, like mini-games with the listeners, cooking, etc


The Base Radio provides options for you to choose many different formats:

Audio only show

Video enhanced show

Don't know how?

Maybe you're thinking: "I'd love to help, but I don't have experience with DJ or Producing software!"

Don't worry. We can help you get started. Our team is open to help anyone get familiar with software. We have recourses available to get started. 

In some cases (depending on our schedules) we may also produce the show for you. Examples of this are the shows "Lightspeed Lunatics" and "Diverse the Verse", where skilled producers from our team handle the broadcast. All the hosts then have to worry about is fill it with content!