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What is The Base:

The Base Radio is Star Citizen's Premier Online Radio Station!
Since December 2013, The Base Radio has been broadcasting 24/7 with non-stop music, talk shows, Star Citizen news, give-aways, comedy, interviews, humour, contests, analysis, discussions, and more. Currently with a team of 6 managers and 20+ crewmen we bring all this to you, every week, fresh and live through IceCast and

We pride ourselves on supporting the Star Citizen community at large, providing a source for spreading the news, interviews with both fans and Cloud Imperium Games staff alike, and in addition to the auto DJ making sure we've got tunes 24/7, a number of live DJ's spinning up the best music in the 'verse! As of mid 2017 we have more than 10 live shows happening every week ! We also pride ourselves on being a completely neutral organization, which we concider a core part of our foundation.

If you think you have an interesting project, stream, or idea that you'd like to spread with the rest of the community, please feel free to email us at management [at] thebase [dot] sc , and we might put it on the air!

Learn about our history : view our timeline !


The Base is a registered nonprofit organization running by the name The Base Network, (RNA REGISTERED)


Is this legal?
Our radio station is fully licenced under Canadian license Tariff 22.F. Additionally, our twitch channel has been approved by the twitch staff themselves to make sure nobody can flag us for copyright strikes.